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BangladeshBengali, also known as Bangla, is the native language of Bengal, which is made up today of Bangladesh, Southern Assam, West Bengal and Tripura. It is the official language of these countries, as well as a major language spoken on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Bengali Is the second most spoken language in all of India combined. Bengali is ranked as the seventh highest spoken language in the world as determined by native speakers, and eleventh highest as determined by total number of speakers. There are about 300 million people who speak the language in the world, and 250 million people who are native speakers.

Bengali is an important language around Southern Asia, highlighted by the fact that the national song of India, as well as the national anthems of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were first written in the language. On February 21st, 1952, now known as International Mother Language Day, student protesters along with other activists defended the right for students in the area to speak, write and read in their native language – Bengali. Some of these protesters and activists gave their lives for this cause, at the protest which took place at the University of Dhaka.

Bengali translations in Richmond

Bengali, as a written dialect is known as the Bengali Alphabet. In some ways, the literary aspect of the Bengali language can be compared and shown similar to Sanskrit. Spoken around those unfamiliar with the language it can sound similar to other languages around India and Southern Asia, such as Hindi. Some have said Bengali is so beautiful to listen to that it can sound like poetry.

Bengali, being so popular in these areas of India and native language to so many, is important to know and can be fairly difficult to learn if you aren’t familiar with it at all. Our service provides Bengali translation for all types of documents, including; general, legal (rulings, contracts, etc), technical documentation (MSDS sheets, instruction manuals), website translation, medical translations, business document translation and more.

The team who works with our translations are comprised of professional translators, native speakers of the Bengali language, bilinguals who speak both Bengali and the language being translated to/from and other professionals who are hand selected just for the specific project you need translated.

To begin the process of translation, you may send in your documents and receive a response within one hour. After the initial consultation, we will discuss specific needs/prices/delivery times, but up to five pages of translation can generally be done within two days. Your translation will be sent via email or within a post, depending on your specific requirements. Payment is handled via paypal_logo or wire transfer. Our company has translation professionals available to translate to most major languages throughout the world.

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