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hungaryBilingua offers you high-quality Hungarian translation services in Richmond and London, 7 days a week, quick service, competitive translation rates.

The situation of the Hungarian market shows its huge potential, the Hungarian capital city, Budapest is very popular among European tourists.

Bilingua Richmond translation agency offers fast translations in various fields, in a short term and affordable prices. In addition to any order we choose a translator who is immersed in the specific specialization and recognizes the cultural subtleties of the Hungarian market!

Why choose our native Hungarian translators?

Our language translation services provide translation of a range of documents. Some types of documentation that can be translated include, but are not limited to;

  • legal documents (contracts, rulings, etc.),
  • medical documents,
  • business documents,
  • websites and web shops,
  • general documents and
  • technical documents (guidebooks, material safety data sheets, instruction manuals, handbooks etc.)

All of the translation services provided to you are done by experts in the language requested. Our industry professionals either hold a degree relating to the language or its translation, are native speakers or bilingual and proficient in the language, and/or are experts in translation. Our professionals pay attention to slight details and give high quality translations in the languages requested.

About the Hungarian language

Hungarian is the native language of Hungary, and one of 24 official languages of the EU. Hungarian is also widely spoken in neighboring countries of Hungary, such as Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

Hungarians refer to the language as ‘Magyar’, which is also an English word that is used sometimes to describe the language as well, or to refer to Hungarian people as a specific ethnic group. Worldwide, Hungarian is natively spoken by around 13 million people, with over 9 million of those people living in Hungary itself.

Hungarian is known as one the most difficult languages in the world, if not the most difficult language in the world for an English speaker to learn for a variety of reasons, including pronunciation, grammar and spelling anomalies. Hungarian is a part of the language family known as Uralic, which also includes Finnish and Estonian. The closest languages to the style of these spoken languages are Mansi and Khanty.

Hungarian has since grown and changed from the ‘Old Hungarian’ style which dates back to the 10th century, and to the Kingdom of Hungary, founded in 1000. Old Hungarian, and its accompanying writing style can rarely be found anymore, as most of the Old Hungarian texts were written on perishable materials such as wood. Though it has not changed much since the original form, modern Hungarian is now one of the official languages of the European Union and a widely recognized language in much of the bordering area of Hungary.

Hungarian is one of the most original European languages full of ambiguity. What is interesting, it that it is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world because of the large amounts of specifically-sounding vowels and it’s very hard to remember the spelling. Therefore, the translation of texts in this language requires extensive experience and precision.

Hungarian translations in Richmond, London

You may request a translation by email or phone. Once your request is received, you will be contacted within the hour for a prior consultation where details may be discussed. Payment is handled via paypal_logo or wire transfer. Translation times vary on the length of the order, however, a 5 page document is usually translated within 5 days. Your translation will be sent to you by email, or, if you require a certified translation, by post. We also offer translations for most other languages in the world, as well.

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