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netherlandsWith about 22 million native speakers of Dutch scattered around the world today, the language has risen to be very popular with a number of about 5 million people who currently speak Dutch as a second language. As the official language in the Netherlands, 96% of its inhabitants claim it to be their mother tongue. Although a greater percent of Dutch speakers live in either Belgium or the Netherlands, however, minority language communities can be found in Germany, France, USA and the UK.

When compared to other Germanic languages, the Dutch language has got some word order in sentences that are slightly more complex. One common challenge with learning Dutch which is a more complicated aspect is that the language is commonly filled with irregular verbs. An added complication for learners is that Dutch is saturated has vowel sounds that are rather complex that contain many diphthongs.

The Netherlands have grown to be a very successful country within the fields of import and export business. The Netherlands has always been at the hub of most economic activities in Europe. This is made possible as a result of its proximity to the port of Rotterdam, the largest in the whole of Europe. These days, there is an increase in demand for software translations as well as localize translations for legal documents, web pages, IT documents, SEO content and business from Dutch to English. Many individuals are regularly seeking Dutch translation services to effectively distribute their services in the Netherlands.

Dutch translations in Richmond

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