French translation

franceFrance is a world-class business metropolis, where some of the most important companies and corporations have their headquarters are. For this reason, more and more English companies are investing in this lucrative market.

French is the official language in more than 30 countries, amongst others Belgium, several countries in Africa, America, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Oceania. What is interesting, is that it’s the only language that is being watched over by the seventeenth century French Academy to preserve its purity. This ensures that terms solely of French origin are being used, so for example it creates new words to replace English terminology.

French translations performed by natives and specialist in Richmond

Bilingua Richmond translation agency is a reputable and reliable company that provides translations in a professional manner. Our experts not only understand the intricacies of the French language, but also have specific cultural knowledge, which positively affects proper understanding of business success.

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