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GreeceThe Greek language which is spoken by more than 13 million users is one of the oldest languages in the world. Historically, this language has been used to document written records that have lasted for over 34 centuries. Today, the Greek language is officially been spoken as the national language of Greece and Cyprus and in some Grecian settlements that are situated around their neighboring countries, such as the Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, and Bulgaria.

Although there seems to be any language similar to Greek as it is the only language that occupies a whole branch among the Indo-European languages, however, it is closely related to the Albanian language. Learning Greek could pose quite a difficult task which could be very challenging. The difficulty associated with learning the language does not arise with just learning new alphabets that are entirely different but by recognizing where the stress is to be placed on each and every word. Thus, learning Greek requires real consistent efforts.

According to the opinions of some scholars, Greek is the oldest language in Europe with its history going back more than 4,000 years in spoken and 3000 years in written form. What is interesting: according to ancient Greeks, any stranger who did not speak their language, babbled gibberish and thus the word barbarian was created (barbaric gibberish).

As modern translators, we specialize in translating documents from either English to Greek language or Greek to English language. These professional services are rendered by exceptional translators who are Grecian natives and are highly experienced with Greek translations, history, and culture. We have even got translators who are knowledgeable with several Grecian dialects such as Cypriot Greek, Cappadocian, Pontic Greek, and Cretan Greek.

Greek translations in Richmond

Clients who are seeking to experience our professional services are required to send us send us their documents through our email address or the contact form on our website and we will be in touch with them as soon as possible. Before ordering a translation, it is important that all processes are duly observed. These include every relevant information, pricing, and delivery. Depending on the volume of the document involved, we can translate over 10 pages and deliver in 2 days. Payments are made through PayPal.

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Our translators are well-experienced with all industries and are capable of translating any kind of text whether it is a 1-page birth certificate, medical transcripts or a 50-page academic report, text, legal documents or research work. Even for the most technical Greek translation, we have got excellent Greek translators who can handle such projects. Our translators have industry-specific and specialized expertise.

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