Norwegian translation

NorwayNorwegian language has two official variations, Bokmål, which means “book language” and Nynorsk, which means “new Norwegian. Bokmål is mostly spoken in urban areas and the east while Nynorsk is spoken on the western part of the country. Nynorsk is used by about 8 percent of the population with the rest speaking Bokmål or a mixture of both.

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Norwegian and Other Scandinavian Languages

Speakers of the main Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish) can understand the other’s language without much difficulty, and this is because they all come from Old Norse. Research studies have revealed that Norwegian speakers understand Danish, Finnish and Swedish and vice versa.

Although Norwegian people may still be able to read other Scandinavian languages, it still remains important to localise your product, marketing materials or website for the Norwegian market. It’s even truer for websites as people are four times likely to purchase from a site that has content written in their language. Even if they are in different geographical locations, they are still more likely to buy from a site in their language.

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Norway has one of the highest per capita income in the world as well as a massive foreign trade market. Businesses that are trading or expanding in Norwegian language will increase business relationships, correspondence and profits with Norwegian translation. Whether you are looking to translate business documents, product instructions, web content, legal papers or any other documents, our translation specialists will help you.

Norwegian translations in Richmond

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