Financial translation


The members of the financial sector, i.e. banks, insurance companies and investment firms issue professional documentation including interest rates, tax, exchange rates, etc. Therefore it is extremely difficult to obtain a competitive advantage in the industry, despite the fact that the world market still has huge sales potential.

Precisely and concisely translated documents are the backbone by which it is possible to meet this challenge! Translation Agency Bilingua Richmond has an experienced team of translators, which also includes native speakers of critical languages. We realize that to guarantee an accurate translation of the highest quality, it must be adapted to the cultural awareness and appropriate vocabulary of the target audience.

Fast and reliable translations in the financial field and more…

Only a native speaker of a certain language offers sufficient competence in that language, which is why we have so many in our team!

Below are examples of areas in the field of finance which we translate:

  • Public Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business plan
  • Banking
  • Trust funds
  • Local government finances
  • Audit
  • Credit
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Securities
  • Wholesale Banking
  • Financial Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Stock Exchange
  • Reports
  • Market research
  • Financial statements of credit
  • Purchase agreements/contracts
  • Leases
  • Valuation
  • Securities
  • Law
  • Minutes of meetings of the supervisory boards
  • Financial systems – Accounting insurance

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