Medical translation

Effective treatment for patients is based primarily on verbal communication, because any mistakes caused by misunderstanding can have a major impact on the course of the entire treatment process. Thus, a translator of a medical document should have adequate knowledge of specific terminology, as the same translation dictionary can not represent fully the essence of the message. Therefore, we work with translators with extensive medical education and doctors of different specialties!

Fast and reliable translations in the medical field and more…

Translation Agency Bilingua Richmond gives customers the certainty of proper and correct communication, of detailed information contained in the translated documents in the field of medicine, pharmacy and clinical research. We translate texts not solely on research, but also specialized articles and publications, medical equipment manuals, leaflets and brochures for patients. Below you’ll find examples of medical documents that we translate:

  • Marketing Catalogs
  • Research Results
  • Test Results
  • Medical Publications
  • Medical Instructions of medical equipment
  • Promotional material
  • Contract Specifications for Brochures
  • Descriptions of clinical cases
  • Presentations

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