Mining translation

miningThe coal mining sector has great potential, especially for English companies abroad. By investing in new markets, you automatically increase your potential position in the industry and establish new contacts.

Fast and reliable translations in the mining field and more…

With professional translations you will become a reliable business partner, which will positively influence your profits! The English mining industry plays an important role on the world markets, because we operate on a large scale, for example coal and brown coal, copper ore, zinc, silver, sulfur and a variety of rock materials. Therefore, included in our offer you will find translations by specialists within the scope of the mining industry, metallurgy, fuel and drilling concerning oil and gas.

Professionally translated documents such as machinery manuals, tender documentation, certificates, certificates of compliance etc. are made by engineers or translators familiar with the specific terminology. The documents are also run by our transparent and correct supervision, which ensures that the translated documents provided to you are in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

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