Sworn translation

swornSworn documents are also a legal subject, because sworn translations are carried out exclusively by a sworn translator who has the relevant authority vested by the Minister of Justice. The most commonly translated documents are: birth-, marriage- and school certificates, university diplomas and extracts from commercial registers and the court. Correctly completed translation guarantee positive acceptance from courts, offices and tenders!

Sworn translations at reasonable prices

Bilingua Richmond Translation Agency specializes in translation and interpretation of both normal and sworn documents in over 30 languages. Run through our technical supervision we ensure that the translated documents given to you are in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Trust our experienced professionals! Sworn translations – important information:

The statutory standard page of sworn translation is 1125 characters including the spaces. Translations are made of original documents, which our courier can pick up for you. The translation may also be executed from a scan, if the client wishes so. Finished translation can be delivered back to you by courier.

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